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Yearly In-Person Conferences

Full-Service HR Benefits

100+ Hours of Video Content

Members-Only Discounts

Easy-to-Use Mobile App

Direct Access to Flex Experts

Community of Likeminded Peers

Private Monthly Webinars

Private GWA Slack Channel

Private GWA Facebook Group

Swipe & Deploy Legal Templates

Yearly Industry Reports

Coworking eBook Library

Past Event Recordings

Access to Tuesday Tours

Yearly In-Person Conferences

Exclusive Discounts

Swipe and Deploy Legal Templates

100+ Hours of Educational Videos

Private Community Access Groups

Full-Service HR Benefits

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

World Class Operators

Love Being Apart of the GWA

See For Yourself…

Zoe Rothschild

Sales Account Manager at iQ Offices

“This conference is really neat because people come from all over the world and yet we seem to all face the same problems, the same products, the same questions about coworking. And it's really neat to have this great community to collaborate with."

Shlomo Silber

CEO and Co-Founder at Bond Collective

“Amazing conference. Having a great time. I think my biggest takeaway is that I really love connecting with all the people here and really just learning a lot of things. It's amazing how like, you know, a lot of times, you know, I think I know everything, but then I realized that I have a lot to learn. So it's been a humbling yet growing experience for me, and I will definitely be back.”

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

The GWA Has An Excellent Rating

(4.7 out of 5 based on 26 Facebook reviews)

So, Why Join GWA?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges and ever-evolving landscape of the flex industry? — You're not alone. Many feel isolated in their journey...flexible office space is still largely uncharted territory. But there's a solution. The Global Workspace Association hosts yearly conferences events and private monthly webinars with industry experts, helping you build a community of fellow professionals and a network of resources to guide and support you.

You no longer have to feel alone in your journey.

Join now to start making connections and accelerating your growth before our upcoming Fall Conference. Don't miss out on this opportunity to access invaluable support and resources. Join the GWA now!

Get Insider Knowledge and Niche-Specific Expertise From the Top 1% of Flexible Workspace Leaders

Become a GWA Member for just $297/year!

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But That’s Not All the GWA Has...

The Global Workspace Association Gives You Everything You Need To Advance

All In One Convenient Members Area!

The GWA is...

Your College Degree in Coworking

GWA members have access to the largest library of educational coworking content: over 100 hours of keynotes, webinars, and how-to presentations! With these resources, you will become an expert of this up and coming vertical!

With Our GWA Members App, you can...

​Listen to webinar and event recordings on-the-go from your phone

​Easily access exclusive benefits, such as our private community channels and discounted ticket links from one place

​Download never-before-seen, exclusive market insights from industry-leading companies like Yardi and Essensys

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

The GWA is...

Your Trusted Advisors

Directly connect with leading experts in the coworking space industry through our private Slack Channels, Facebook Groups, and members-only events!

With GWA, You Get Access To...

Our private Slack channel with over 600 passionate coworking space operators

Our private Facebook group with early access to educational content and private discussions

Exclusive, members-only webinars with industry leaders and direct access to CEOs, founders, consultants, and flex space experts

The GWA is...

Your Coworking Friends

Our annual Fall Conference is not only a great way to connect with other coworking professionals, but also a way to develop lifelong friendships and create unforgettable memories with those who share the same interests as you!

Our 2023 Fall Conference will have...

A full week of keynotes, networking events, and open bars

A theme party, karaoke night, and more –– all at incredible venues!

​Hundreds of other coworking professionals attending to learn, connect, and socialize over one week in Washington, DC!

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

The GWA is...

Your Swipe-and-Deploy Templates

Finding the right community manager and feeling confident about your membership agreements is easy with our swipe-and-deploy legal templates and job posts!

With GWA, you get...

​Job post templates for roles like community manager

Legal templates for event space, licensing, and more!

Exclusive, members-only discounted access to small business advisory for in-depth and personalized support

The GWA is...

Your Flex Space Library

The GWA hosts the only library of coworking e-books and industry reports on the internet. Written by industry experts and leading CEOs, these materials can give you an inside glimpse into the secret strategies top-performers are using to grow their businesses! You'll also save thousands on otherwise extremely expensive industry studies.

Our library has...

​Downloadable eBooks on topics ranging from marketing to customer service while speaking on the phone

Yearly industry reports, studies, and benchmarks for the flexible office space sector (normally thousands of dollars each)

​Regular new additions from GWA members, sponsors, and consultants

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

The GWA is...

Your Exclusive Discounts

All GWA members receive 3 discounted tickets to our annual Fall Conference per location (save $600) AND access to exclusive members-only discounts on HR products and services from TriNet

With GWA and TriNet, you can...

Access premium, big company benefit options and a team of HR experts for yourself, your employees, AND your members

Save up to 50% off standard administrative fees

Make receiving full-service health and HR benefits simple and painless

The Global Workspace Association Gives You Access Tp The Network You Need To Succeed

Join the Global Workspace Association Today and Experience The Amazing Benefits For Yourself

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Trusted By Top Coworking Spaces

Want To Hear What Coworking Space Operators and Vendors Have To Say About The GWA?


Shlomo Silber

Bond Collective

Hector Kolonas

Miranda Stewart


Zoe Rothschild

iQ Offices

Monica Alden

The Instant Group

Adam Zeno


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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in my GWA membership?

GWA members get access to our GWA Members Area and GWA Members App. These contain all of the resources above and we are constantly adding more as well. If you have any questions about how to access certain benefits, please email

What’s the difference between Freemium and Premium? Why should I switch?

Our Freemium Membership is slowly getting phased out (sad, we know), so the short answer is everything. Current freemium members still receive our monthly newsletter and invites to some webinars, but freemium registration is no longer available.

How do I access all of these benefits?

All of the features above are located inside of our GWA Members Area, which is accessible via on desktop and mobile devices.

How many users can login?

Up to 3 users can log in per location subscribed. Adding additional locations gets you 3 new users per location, which includes 3 log-ins and 3 discounted event tickets for each location!

What do I get with extra locations?

By default, you get 1 location that includes 3 Members Area log-ins and 3 discounted event tickets. Member tickets for our 2023 Fall Conference are $200 cheaper than non-member tickets, so each location you add can save you $600 on conference tickets alone. Additional locations can be added for only $5/month or $60/year. Additional locations are a great way to bring your whole team to our Fall Conference for an unforgettable time at GWA!

If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! We have a first class support team who can answer your questions quickly and comprehensively! Just send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by emailing at least 1 business day before your renewal date. We will do our best to accommodate all requests, but for utmost certainty, please reach out with at least 1 business day’s notice.

When is the annual conference held? When do tickets go on sale?

Our annual conference is held every year in September. Tickets go on sale a couple of months before the event and the earlier you book your tickets the better. Keep your eyes out for special Early Bird discounts!

Who else is in the GWA?

The GWA has members from all corners of the flexible workspace industry. Lots of people call our association home, from small, single-location coworking operators to CEOs of multi-market executive suite companies. In addition, we have lots of consultants, vendors, software providers, and real estate experts as well! There’s truly value for everyone here, not just from the diverse range of topics covered at our online and offline events, but also from the expansive network of likeminded professionals you might befriend!

How do I join the webinars?

After you sign up, you will be added to our webinar email list to receive Zoom invitations in advance of each webinar. If you cannot attend a webinar, the recording will be added to the Members Area shortly thereafter!

How do I sign up for the GWA slack channel?

Inside of the GWA Members Area, there is a tab titled “Community.” The link to join our Slack channel is underneath this tab.

What if I can’t log in?

After you sign up, you will receive a temporary password and a link to login to the GWA Members Area. If you ever forget your password, you can reset it simply by visiting and clicking “Forgot Your Password?” If this does not work or you do not get an email, then you may email and we will send you a temporary password to login with and reset!

How do I get the mobile app? Is it on both iPhone and Android? Is it iPad compatible?

Our GWA Members app is available on all Apple and Android devices. To download it, simply visit, and you will be prompted to add our app to your home screen in just 1-click. After doing this, you will be able to easily open up and browse our interactive Members Area in one click from your mobile device or tablet!, powered by Flex Engine.

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